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Reddy Fox

Paddy the Beaver in "Tools Need Batteries"

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Paddy the Beaver in "Tools Need Batteries"
"What Is A Battery?": An Ecology Science Toon
Paddy the Beaver in "Where do all the Batteries go?
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Meet Reddy Fox

Reddy Fox lives lives in a high-tech den near the river with his Granny Fox.

Reddy would love nothing better than to eat Ryder and Madison Rabbit.  He also has a number of schemes to get into Farmer Brown’s henhouse, and to nab Danny Meadowmouse.  

Reddy’s plans usually go wrong, to the hilarity of the smaller animals!  His Granny is not impressed when he brings home scraps for dinner again!

Reddy lives with his friends in the world of Animazia: the amazing story of animals.  Inspired by the works of groundbreaking environmentalist children's book writer Thornton Burgess, these stories, games, educational materials teach kids about the foxes living in the forest environments in a near-boreal region.